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Honoring MLK Jr. by getting healthy

SAN DIEGO – In order to spread Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message and keep his legacy alive, we have to be alive. But sadly, heart attacks and strokes account for a tremendous amount of African American deaths. So, in honor of the late Reverend, several San Diego churches are focusing on health. The groups “Be There San Diego” and “United African American Ministerial Action Council are working with the Southeastern San Diego Cardiac Disparities Project on the initiative. African Americans have the highest rates of cardiovascular disease than any other population. The death rate among black people in Southeastern San Diego from heart disease is 65 percent higher compared to white people along the coast.

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San Diego Forum Examines Role Of Race In Medicine

Today is world AIDS Day and African-Americans are a racial group that is most affected by HIV it seems a perfect time for this panel. There's a public forum going on today which tackles the issues of racial disparities in healthcare and their effects of racism on health. To talk about it we have Dr. Camara Jones President of the American Public health Association an expert on the subject. We also have Dr. Edith Mitchell President of the American medical Association and Rodney Hood, a doctor in private practice in San Diego. He has 35 years plus of experience and is President of the San Diego-based multi-health -- cultural health foundation. Welcome -- welcome all of you to the show. This is a very impressive panel I will say.

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